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Dealing with allegations of bullying, harassment or mental and sexual abuse in an associated charity

This note looks at how such allegations may affect a charity that funds or provides significant property or other services to an institution subject to such allegations.

The Charities (Exception from Registration) Regulations extended to 31 March 2031

The government has again extended the period for which certain religious charities are excepted from the statutory requirement to register with the Charity Commission. The new period ends on 31 March 2031 (a ten year extension) which will be a relief to many excepted charities who faced registration in a few weeks' time. Details of excepted charities are in the briefing.

Charitable Companies and CIOs AGMs

As Covid-19 continues to impact the good governance of charities, there is some positive news for incorporated charities.

The Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020

This note looks at the changes being made to the corporate insolvency regime and governance structure in the UK that have been introduced by the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 (the "Act") and how they relate to charitable bodies.

Coronavirus and Schools – legal briefing

As schools prepare for the June 1st deadline, the Education and Charity team at LBMW have been reviewing the legal position with a view to supporting the difficult decisions school leaders, Governors, Academy Directors and Boards of Education are now considering. As further year-groups are re-admitted into schools, the process will become possibly more intense rather than less!

Our new Education Answers paper (available online in interactive form at Education Answers or by direct download from this link) is a helpful overview, with detailed but brief legal considerations, that can be shared at any level in the schools system.

It draws particular attention to the Risk Assessment issues that leaders are addressing. We recommend that the risk assessments in place for 1st June are made on an interim basis so that all concerned can continue to monitor developments and protect their organisations and trustees from undesirable liabilities.

To support this we are offering a free webinar on 9th June with our legal team. See the Events page LINK for details.

Legal Advice during a Pandemic – suite of briefing papers

This paper offers links to a suite of documents covering: Financial resilience during a pandemic Executing documents remotely UK government Job retention scheme (furloughing) Decision-making in a pandemic (lockdown) UK schools and COVID-19 All papers © LBMW 2020

Financial resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid 19 and Decision Making for Charities

Coronavirus and Duty of Care

This paper was written with education clients in mind but contains useful pointers for the charity sector.

EA Briefing 12 – Jane Grenfell comes to LBMW as Charities Manager